(Elite) Subscription Service

Believe me when I say it – it has taken a long time to set the wheels in-motion for the Mishmashers (Elite) Subscription Service. Although we were certain in our objective (to spread Mishmashers books to as many as we could), we had to work out a lot of kinks first. To me (McConnaughay), the thought of a Patreon page was never an appetizing idea. Seeing YouTubers and social-influences ask for money while “what they do” (and I don’t mean that as an insult) is already available free-of-cost and compensated in some way already (through ad revenue), always stood as a turn off. I’ve written reviews for over half a decade and I’ve never thought to start a Patreon page for McConnaughay “The Critic,” for instance. I don’t want to charm my way into anyone’s wallet and I don’t want to be compensated if I’m not offering a service that’s worthwhile and, I believe, fully worth the price of admission.

Enter our Elite Subscription Service.

The (Elite) Subscription Service offers access to every solo novel I’ve ever written. From the uncomfortable teenager years of the murderous superhero Orion Corvus in Blind Salvation to the grander-scale world of Fantasy Maharris, they’re all available to read on your phonetablet, laptop, or desktop computer, through an PDF embedded format. Subscribers of the (Elite) service will be the first to receive access to many of my works in progress, like Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother and Lunacy’s Dance, and will be able to read the full novels before anyone else (including Amazon). The current monthly subscription is $3.99, although it will change in-response to unplanned growth (if we have other writers participating), or if we decide to add smaller piece-meals (just the Canes series, just the Maharris Fantasy, etc.) Our current expectation isn’t to be a “Netflix for Books” or anything of the sort, but, rather, to have a more personal, direct way to engage readership. If you have an ongoing subscription, it’d no doubt help strengthen and support the brand, but if you choose to “binge-read” all five available books on-launch and cancel the service the month after, that’s fine as well. Below, I’ve included a road-map that will show addition intended for 2020.

On Launch: – 

  • The Canes Files (first novel in McConnaughay & Scott Moore‘s collaborative series)
  • Blind Salvation (first novel written by McConnaughay)
  • The Red Flux & the Wunderkind Thief (McConnaughay’s second novel and the first novel in the Maharris Fantasy series)
  • Catherine: Forever with Love (third novel written by McConnaughay)
  • Katalene the Hollow (McConnaughay’s sixth novel and the second novel in the Maharris Fantasy series)

*2020’s Road Map: –

  • January – The First Installment of Lunacy’s Dance (1 of 4McConnaughay‘s seventh novel)
  • February – The Second Installment of Lunacy’s Dance (2 of 4)
  • March – The Third Installment of Lunacy’s Dance (3 of 4)
  • April – The Fourth Installment of Lunacy’s Dance (4 of 4)
  • May – The First Installment of Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother (1 of 4McConnaughay‘s eighth novel and third in the Maharris Fantasy series)
  • June – The Second Installment of Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother (2 of 4)
  • July – The Third Installment of Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother (3 of 4)
  • August – The Fourth Installment of Roxwale: The Heir’s Brother (4 of 4)
  • September – The First Installment of Spade (1 of 5McConnaughay’s ninth novel and first in The Black Sands Saga)
  • October – The First Installment of Marx (1 of 5 – McConnaughay‘s tenth novel and the second in The Black Sands Saga)
  • November – The Second Installment of Spade (2 of 5)
  • December – The Second Installment of Marx (2 of 5)

* The 2020 Road Map is subject-to-change, depending on certain things. For instance, If I’m unable to meet a deadline, things might have to be adjusted accordingly. I will advise well in-advance, however. Additions might be made, as well. Scott‘s participation in the service may increase and we may, possibly, find new contributors in the months to come, as well.

The Service is Coming Soon.