(Elite) Subscription Service

The (Elite) Subscription Service – a $3.99 subscription 

   It has been a long road to officially bring the (Elite) Subscription Service to Mashers Club. Above all else, what I wanted to accomplish was deliverance and bang for the buck. For $3.99 a month, the (Elite) service allows you access to all of my solo novels, from the teenage angst that brought you Blind Salvation to all-out mayhem in Katalene the Hollow, as well as The Canes series I collaborated with Scott Moore on (third installment comes late this year). You will also receive first access to my “works-in-progress,” such as my next horror novel Lunacy’s Dance which launches on January 30th with the first four chapters, as well as my upcoming Maharris Fantasy novel Roxwale. When I write a short-story, you’ll have first dibs. If I do an hour-long Podcast talking about one of my books, you’ll hear it first. The goal’s not to do “Netflix for Books,” mind you. I’m one writer. If you want, you could subscribe, binge through my first six novels and call it a day. That’s fine and, honestly, I’m grateful you offered me the time of day. But I will do my best to be transparent and frequent with content. – McConnaughay




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